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Anniversary Session | Brentwood, California

Omg! Our Giveaway winners were such a blast to work with. They happen to be celebrating their 1-year anniversary as husband and wife and I couldn't be more happy! They never had a traditional wedding or professional photos of their day so I think it was incredibly fitting that they were our couple. Which, by the way, brings me to how much I love anniversary sessions in general. 1-year, 5-years, 20-years? Let's do it! Ash + Oak, Melissa Guerrero, and I teamed up for a New Year Giveaway to one lucky couple. The Ash+Oak team is so talented; their floral creations are unique and beautiful; if you're getting married or simply looking for an arrangement look no further! Likewise, Melissa is super professional and a makeup wizard. We have worked together several times doing everything from beauty to FX-gore. Go to the bottom of the page to click on their links!



Florist: Ash + Oak


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